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  • Dear Councillor,

    I am writing this letter as your constituent and as a resident of Toronto who wants better street food in my City.

    Toronto has a dynamic and innovative food culture. In fact, the food sector provides Toronto with 58,000 jobs, the second largest food hub in North America. We have strength in diversity, a strong public health system, and incredible cooks, all the ingredients for a street food scene that could blow other cities out of the water.

    Carts and trucks could create new jobs serving healthy, exciting, and safe food to all Torontonians, with the right checks and balances. We need to make that happen!

    All that’s holding us back is some red tape. I love Toronto, and I love food, and I’m asking you, as my City Councillor, to work towards fostering a diverse street food culture.

    With the exploding public interest in street food and entrepreneurs standing ready, 2012 is the right time to fix the by-laws that are arbitrarily holding back safe food carts and trucks from operating on City streets. Most agree that current policies are overly restrictive in holding back the locations and types of foods that can be cooked, bought, and sold in Toronto.

    There used to be 300 food cart vendors in the City making a good living serving to happy customers, and because of these restrictive rules there are now just 119. This is the wrong direction for vibrant city streets and bringing people out to shop in our local businesses.

    Please make it a priority at City Council to change the by-laws and regulations that govern street food. Help Toronto open the doors to great street food, and meet its potential as a multicultural and thriving City. You have my complete support, and let me know how I can help! I’d love to see exciting new street food in our ward by the end of the year!

  • Sincerely,

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